throw [thrō]
threw, thrown, throwing [ME throwen, to twist, wring, hurl < OE thrawan, to throw, twist, akin to Ger drehen, to twist, turn < IE base * ter-, to rub, rub with turning motion, bore > THRASH, THREAD, Gr teirein, L terere, to rub]
1. to twist strands of (silk, etc.) into thread or yarn
2. to cause to fly through the air by releasing from the hand while the arm is in rapid motion; cast; hurl
3. to discharge through the air from a catapult, pump, gun, etc.
4. to hurl violently, as in anger, etc.; dash
5. to cause to fall; upset; overthrow; dislodge [thrown by a horse]
6. to move or send rapidly; advance [to throw reinforcements into a battle]
7. to put suddenly and forcibly into or onto [she threw the clothes into the suitcase]
8. to put suddenly and forcibly into a specified condition or situation [thrown into prison, into confusion, etc.]
a) to cast or roll (dice)
b) to make (a specified cast) at dice [to throw a five]
10. to cast off; shed [snakes throw their skins, the horse threw its shoe]
11. to bring forth (young): said esp. of domesticated animals
12. to move the lever of (a switch, clutch, etc.) or connect, disconnect, engage, etc. by so doing
a) to direct, cast, turn, project, etc.: variously with at, on, upon, over, toward, etc. [to throw a glance, a light, a shadow, etc.]
b) to deliver (a punch)
14. to cause (one's voice) to seem to come from some other source, as in ventriloquism
15. to put (blame on, influence into, obstacles before, etc.)
16. Informal to lose (a game, race, etc.) deliberately, as by prearrangement
17. Informal to give (a party, dance, etc.)
18. Informal to have (a fit, tantrum, etc.)
19. Informal to confuse or disconcert [the question completely threw him]
20. Card Games to play or discard (a card)
21. Ceramics to shape on a potter's wheel
to cast or hurl something
1. the action of a person who throws; a cast
2. a cast of dice, or the numbers cast
3. the distance something is or can be thrown [a stone's throw ]
a) a spread or coverlet for draping over a bed, sofa, etc.
b) a woman's light scarf or wrap
a) the motion of a moving part driven by a cam, eccentric, etc.
b) the range of such a motion; travel; stroke
6. Geol. the amount of vertical displacement at a fault: see DOWNTHROW, UPTHROW
7. Wrestling a particular way or an instance of throwing an opponent
a throw
Informal for each one; apiece [concert tickets at fifty bucks a throw]
☆ throw a monkey wrench into
to stop or obstruct by direct interference; sabotage
throw away
1. to rid oneself of; discard
2. to be wasteful of; waste; squander
3. to fail to make use of [throwing away his talents]
4. Theater to deliver (a line, speech, etc.) in a deliberately offhand manner
throw back
1. to check or stop from advancing
2. to revert to an earlier or more primitive type or condition
throw cold water on
to discourage by indifference or disparagement
throw in
1. to engage (a clutch) or cause (gears) to mesh
2. to add on without extra charge
3. to add to others
4. Informal to join ( with) in cooperative action
throw off
a) to rid oneself of; cast off
b) to recover from
c) Card Games to discard
a) to evade (a pursuer)
b) to mislead
c) to disconcert or confuse
3. to expel, emit, etc.
4. Informal to write or utter quickly, in an offhand manner
throw on
to put on (a garment) carelessly or hastily
throw oneself at
to try very hard to win the affection or love of
throw oneself into
to engage in with great vigor
throw oneself on or throw oneself upon
to ask for (someone's mercy, etc.) for oneself throw oneself on ( or upon)
throw open
1. to open completely and suddenly
2. to remove all restrictions from
throw out
1. to get rid of; discard
2. to reject or remove, often with force
3. to emit
4. to put forth or utter (a hint or suggestion)
5. to disengage (a clutch)
6. Baseball to throw the ball to a teammate who in turn retires (a runner)
throw over
1. to give up; abandon
2. to forsake; jilt
throw together
1. to make or assemble hurriedly and carelessly
2. to cause to become acquainted
throw up
1. to give up or abandon
2. to raise suddenly or rapidly
3. to vomit
4. to construct rapidly
5. to mention repeatedly (to someone), as in reproach or criticism
SYN.- THROW is the general word meaning to cause to move through the air by a rapid propulsive motion of the arm, etc.; CAST, the preferred word in certain connections [to cast a fishing line ], generally has a more archaic or lofty quality [they cast stones at him ]; to TOSS is to throw lightly or carelessly and, usually, with an upward or sideways motion [to toss a coin ]; HURL and FLING both imply a throwing with force or violence, but HURL suggests that the object thrown moves swiftly for some distance [to hurl a javelin ] and FLING, that it is thrust sharply or vehemently so that it strikes a surface with considerable impact [she flung the plate to the floor ]; PITCH2 implies a throwing with a definite aim or in a definite direction [to pitch a baseball ]

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